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A Study of RANS Turbulence Models in Fully Turbulent Jets: A Perspective for CFD-DEM Simulations Weaver, Dustin; Miskovic, Sanja


This paper presents an analysis of linear viscous stress Favre averaged turbulence models for computational fluid dynamics (CFD) of fully turbulent round jets with a long straight tube geometry in the near field. Although similar work has been performed in the past with very relevant solutions, considerations were not given for the issues and limitations involved with coupling between an Eulerian and Lagrangian phase, such as in fully two-way coupled CFD-DEM. These issues include limitations on solution domain, mesh cell size, wall modelling, and momentum coupling between the two phases in relation to the particles size. Therefore, within these considerations, solutions are provided to the Navier–Stokes equations with various turbulence models using a three-dimensional wedge long straight tube geometry for fully developed turbulence flow. Simulations are performed with a Reynolds number of 13,000 and 51,000 using two different tube diameters. It is found that a modified k-ε turbulence model achieved the most agreeable results for both the velocity and turbulent flow fields between these two flow regimes, while a modified k-ω SST/BSL also provided suitable results.

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