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Straglr: discovering and genotyping tandem repeat expansions using whole genome long-read sequences Chiu, Readman; Rajan-Babu, Indhu-Shree; Friedman, J. M. (Jan Marshall), 1947-; Birol, Inanc


Tandem repeat (TR) expansion is the underlying cause of over 40 neurological disorders. Long-read sequencing offers an exciting avenue over conventional technologies for detecting TR expansions. Here, we present Straglr, a robust software tool for both targeted genotyping and novel expansion detection from long-read alignments. We benchmark Straglr using various simulations, targeted genotyping data of cell lines carrying expansions of known diseases, and whole genome sequencing data with chromosome-scale assembly. Our results suggest that Straglr may be useful for investigating disease-associated TR expansions using long-read sequencing.

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