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Sucrose Metabolism and Transport in Grapevines, with Emphasis on Berries and Leaves, and Insights Gained from a Cross-Species Comparison Walker, Robert P.; Bonghi, Claudio; Varotto, Serena; Battistelli, Alberto; Burbidge, Crista; Castellarin, Simone D.; Chen, Zhi-Hui; Darriet, Philippe; Moscatello, Stefano; Rienth, Markus; et al.


In grapevines, as in other plants, sucrose and its constituents glucose and fructose are fundamentally important and carry out a multitude of roles. The aims of this review are three-fold. First, to provide a summary of the metabolism and transport of sucrose in grapevines, together with new insights and interpretations. Second, to stress the importance of considering the compartmentation of metabolism. Third, to outline the key role of acid invertase in osmoregulation associated with sucrose metabolism and transport in plants.

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