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Canadian food ladders for dietary advancement in children with IgE-mediated allergy to milk and/or egg Chomyn, Alanna; Chan, Edmond S.; Yeung, Joanne; Vander Leek, Timothy K.; Williams, Brock; Soller, Lianne; Abrams, Elissa M.; Mak, Raymond; Wong, Tiffany


Food ladders are clinical tools already widely used in Europe for food reintroduction in milk- and egg-allergic children. Previously developed milk and egg ladders have limited applicability to Canadian children due to dietary differences and product availability. Herein we propose a Canadian version of cow’s milk and egg food ladders and discuss the potential role that food ladders may have in the care of children with IgE-mediated allergies to cow’s milk and/or egg, as either a method of accelerating the acquisition of tolerance in those who would outgrow on their own, or as a form of modified oral immunotherapy in those with otherwise persistent allergy.

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