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Electrodeposition of Metallic Molybdenum and its Alloys : A Review Hasan, Siti Nur; Xu, Min; Asselin, Edouard


Aqueous electrodeposition may represent a more economical and reliable technique to fabricate Mo coatings than the alternatives (electrodeposition from fused-salt baths and other available methods). However, studies on the aqueous electrodeposition of pure metallic Mo are rather limited due to its oxophilic nature, catalytic behaviour for the hydrogen evolution reaction and high tendency for polymerisation, especially in acidic media. To date, researchers have tended to focus on the aqueous electrodeposition of Mo alloys. These alloys usually contain <51% Mo. The factors that influence the quality of Mo deposits and the difficulties in the electrodeposition process are reviewed here. This review not only presents a survey of existing literature on the electrodeposition of metallic Mo coatings but also provides a basis for any future exploration.

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