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The Deposition of Smooth Metallic Molybdenum from Aqueous Electrolytes Containing Molybdate ions Morley, Thomas J.; Penner, Leah; Schaffer, Paul; Ruth, Thomas J.; Bénard, François; Asselin, Edouard


This paper details the electrodeposition of metallic molybdenum from an aqueous electrolyte containing molybdate ions. The deposition is performed in an acetate bath that contains a high (up to 10 M) concentration of acetate. The molybdenum deposits are thick (up to 20 4 μm), adherent and were characterized by XRD and XPS analysis. The deposition is inefficient, with most of the current (up to 99%) used in the electrolysis of water to generate hydrogen. The effect of acetate concentration, pH, additives and current on the deposition efficiency and physical properties of the molybdenum deposit were investigated and optimized to obtain smooth, adherent coatings.

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