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Review of International Best-Practices for Improving Child Passenger Safety and Evaluation of Saskatchewan’s Program Pike, Ian; Desapriya, Ediriweera; Turcotte, Kate


The purpose of this report is the evaluation of the Saskatchewan Child Passenger Safety Program, addressing the following six evaluation questions: 1. How does the Saskatchewan model compare to international best‐practices? 2. Does the Saskatchewan model increase usage of child passenger restraints? 3. Does the Saskatchewan model increase PROPER usage of child passenger restraints (to be assessed with both increased knowledge of proper usage AND improved behaviour)? 4. Do the demographics of caregivers involved in Saskatchewan interventions match the demographics of the Saskatchewan population? Are there segments of the population being missed? 5. Is there a match between the caregivers targeted by the Saskatchewan model, and the parents/guardians of the children injured in motor vehicle collisions? If not, what other method (from the international best‐practice review) could be used to target these parents/guardians? 6. What is the cost‐effectiveness of the Saskatchewan model? a. Are the interventions cost‐saving measures? b. Is there a return on investment of the interventions being used to improve child passenger safety?

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