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A National Consensus Forum on improving cornea donation and transplantation access in Canada Bae, Steven S.; Rocha, Guillermo; Humphreys, Christine; Chan, Clara C; Yeung, Sonia N.


A consensus meeting was held in Toronto on February 9–10, 2020 to discuss ways to improve cornea donation and transplantation access in Canada. The meeting brought together eye and tissue bank representatives, health authority and hospital leadership, transplant ophthalmologists, organ donation organizations, transplant recipients, donor families and several national organizations. Through facilitated discussions in multidisciplinary, gender-balanced, and geographically balanced small groups, participants identified opportunities for improvement in the Canadian cornea donation and transplantation system. Discussion occurred around broad themes of donor tissue demand, supply, access, utilization, interprovincial sharing and cost recovery, interprovincial knowledge sharing and research. This event marked the first time in 10 years in which the Canadian cornea transplantation community came together.

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