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Measuring Injury Matters : Injury Indicators for Children and Youth in Canada, Vol. 1 Pike, Ian; Macpherson, Alison; Warda, Lynne; Yanchar, Natalie; Hewitt, Allyson; Fuselli, Pamela; Babul, Shelina; Desapriya, Ediriweera; Macarthur, Colin; Hameed, S. Morad; Barr, Ronald G.; Raina, Parminder; Piedt, Shannon


The project outlined in this report flowed from CCYHC’s indicators initiative. The purpose of this research project was to develop a set of injury indicators for monitoring and evaluating the health of (and health services provided to) children, youth and their families in relation to injury and injury prevention (primary, secondary and tertiary) in Canada.

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