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Evaluating the Impact of the Healthy Kids Community Challenge (HKCC) on Physical Activity of Older Youth Leatherdale, Scott T.; Burns, Kathleen E.; Qian, Wei; Faulkner, Guy E. J., 1970-; Carson, Valerie


(1) Background: The Healthy Kids Community Challenge (HKCC) was a community-based obesity prevention intervention funded by the Government of Ontario (Canada). (2) Methods: A quasi-experimental design was used to examine the impact of the HKCC on physical activity (PA) outcomes using both repeat cross-sectional (T1 2014–2015, n = 31,548; T2 2015–2016, n = 31,457; and T3 2016–2017, n = 30,454) and longitudinal data (n = 3906) from the COMPASS study. Grade 9–12 students in HKCC communities were placed into one of three intervention groups [T2 data collection post-HKCC finishing (IG1), T2 data collection during HKCC (IG2), and T2 data collection pre-HKCC starting (IG3)], Ontario students in non-HKCC communities were Control Group 1 (CG1) and Alberta students were Control Group 2 (CG2). (3) Results: Repeat cross-sectional results show over time the HKCC had no significant impact on PA outcomes in any of the intervention groups. Longitudinal results show a significant decrease in time spent in moderate-to-vigorous PA (IG2: −3.15 min/day) between T1 and T3 in IG2. (4) Conclusions: These results suggest the HKCC did not have an impact on improving PA outcomes among older youth in HKCC communities. Moving forward, there is a need to provide effective and sustainable interventions to promote PA among older youth.

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