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Polymer-based fabrication of coupled microlens arrays for application to heads-up displays Yan, W.; Jin, Xian; Park, Hongbae S.; Abdollahai, H.; Stoeber, Boris; Holzman, Jonathan


Optical technology is crucial to the heads-up displays used in wearable virtual reality and augmented reality goggles. However, the implemented technology can be challenging to implement. It must form a magnified image, focused at infinity, for imaging with the relaxed human eye, and it must be compact. The proposed work does this using coupled microlens arrays. The coupled plano-concave and plano-convex microlens arrays together act as a superlens that meets the requirements of heads-up displays. The required plano-concave and plano-convex microlens arrays are implemented using a technique of dispensing and in situ ultraviolet-curing of polymer microdroplets. It is shown that the planoconcave and plano-convex microlens arrays can be formed to enable imaging in a compact package with an excellent resolution, corresponding to a spatial modulation transfer function beyond 20 cycles/mm

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