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The dynamic morphology of glucose as expressed via Raman and terahertz spectroscopy Fredeen, Naomi V.; Lesack, Nikolai; Ciocoiu, Antonia; Garner, Alexander; Zandberg, Wesley F.; Jirasek, Andrew; Holzman, Jonathan F.


The proposed work introduces time-captured Raman and terahertz spectroscopic analyses as orthogonal probes of intramolecular and intermolecular modes in biomolecular structures. The work focuses on glucose given the complexity and dynamics of its anomeric conversion and crystallization. The Raman analyses capture the dynamics of its intramolecular modes – revealing conversion between α and β anomers. At the same time, the terahertz analyses capture the dynamics of its intermolecular modes – showing an evolution from amorphous to crystalline morphology. It is shown that time-captured Raman and terahertz spectroscopy together render a more complete depiction, and deeper understanding, of the biomolecular structure of glucose.

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