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A new statistical channel model for emerging wireless communication systems Olutayo, Adebola; Cheng, Julian; Holzman, Jonathan


A new composite fading model is introduced. This shadowed Beaulieu-Xie model is developed to characterize wireless communication in an environment with an arbitrary number of line-ofsight and non-line-of-sight signals, in contrast to the existing Rayleigh, Ricean, generalized Ricean (i.e., κ − μ), and Nakagami-m models. The proposed model benefits from four parameters that characterize a wide range of fading conditions, unlike existing composite models such as the shadowed Ricean model, the two-wave with diffuse power model, and the fluctuating two-ray model. The proposed shadowed Beaulieu-Xie model is used here to characterize experimental data obtained from fading measurements in 28 GHz outdoor millimeter-wave channels, and it is found to describe the communication environment accurately. We conclude that the proposed composite fading model is particularly useful for characterizing emerging (millimeter-wave and terahertz) wireless communication systems

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