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Updating to 2018 the 1950- 2010 marine catch reconstructions of the Sea Around Us. Part II : The Americas and Asia-Pacific Derrick, Brittany; Khalfallah, Myriam; Relano, Veronica; Zeller, Dirk, 1961-; Pauly, D. (Daniel)


In 2016, Dr. Daniel Pauly and Dr. Dirk Zeller were co-editors on GLOBAL ATLAS OF MARINE FISHERIES: AS CRITICAL APPRAISAL OF CATCHES AND ECOSYSTEMS IMPACTS. This book encapsulated data collected by the Sea Around Us Project, documenting fisheries catch reconstructions for all maritime countries of the world, which initially covered the years from 1950 to 2010. Prior to this opus there has been only one source of data on global fishery catches: information reported to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations by member countries. The Sea Around Us Project spent ten-years undertaking this epic study, showing that the officially reported catch data was misleading, with many countries underreporting the catch by as much as 500%, while others significantly overreported their catches. The study also included poorly reported data from small-scale, sport and recreational fishers; information that was not included in FAO figures. What you are looking at now is an update of that study, documenting the update to 2018 of the Sea Around Us’ fisheries catch reconstructions for all maritime countries of the world. It is the second of two volumes that cover the Americas, including the Caribbean and much of the Indo-Pacific region, i.e., East, South, Southeast and East Asia, and Oceania. The first volume, “Updating to 2018 the 1950-2010 marine catch reconstructions of the Sea Around Us: Part I” 28(5), covers African countries and territories, including the many islands surrounding that continent, Antarctica and its surrounding island territories, and Europe, with the North Atlantic islands and southern Mediterranean countries added in.

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