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Towards the implementation of a universal angle-based optical indoor positioning system Bergen, Mark; Schaal, Ferdinand S.; Klukas, Richard; Cheng, Julian; Holzman, Jonathan


There is an emerging market today for indoor positioning systems capable of working alongside global navigation satellite systems, such as the global positioning system, in indoor environments. Many systems have been proposed in the literature but all of them have fundamental flaws that hold them back from widescale implementation. We review angle-of-arrival (AOA) and angle-difference-of-arrival (ADOA) optical indoor positioning systems which have been proven to be robust, accurate, and easily implementable. We build an AOA/ADOA optical indoor positioning system out of a simple commercial high-speed camera and white light light emitting diodes (LEDs) which operate over a working area of 1 m3, and compare its performance to other indoor positioning methods. The AOA and ADOA systems achieve positioning with low errors of 1.2 and 3.7 cm, respectively.

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