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Marine and Freshwater Miscellanea III Pauly, D. (Daniel); Chu, Elaine


This is the third collection of articles, authored or co-authored by Daniel Pauly, which he says were “not intended for peer-reviewed journals or pieces whose revision would have required an unreasonable amount of work.” Knowing Daniel as I do, I know he is not one to shy away from work, so I am certain that the ‘unreasonable’ amount would have to have been truly momentous. He also indicated that many of these pieces are personal in nature, and include many of his “opinions”. With as celebrated a background as Daniel has had, these personal opinions, insights, and sentiments will help you learn more about the man behind the science, and add to his legacy (though he does claims expecting to have one would be overly optimistic). In this collection of articles, jointly edited with Elaine Chu, Daniel pays homage to a former colleague, highlights the circumstances around one of the many high-profile awards he was won, posts the transcripts of two unpublished interviews, suggests – with colleagues – a way to reorganize global action on the oceans for a post-COVID word, and presents two aspects of his Gill-Oxygen Limitation Theory (GOLT), one in form of an application to lancelets, the other in form of an expanded pre-submission version of a recent article on the GOLT in Science Advances.

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