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Artificial Intelligence for Video-based Learning at Scale Seo, Kyoungwon; Fels, Sidney; Yoon, Dongwook; Roll, Ido; Dodson, Samuel; Fong, Matthew


Video-based learning (VBL) is widespread; however, there are numerous challenges when teaching and learning with video. For instructors, creating effective instructional videos takes considerable time and effort. For students, watching videos can be a passive learning activity. Artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to improve the VBL experience for students and teachers. This half-day workshop will bring together multi-disciplinary researchers and practitioners to collaboratively envision the future of VBL enhanced by AI. This workshop will be comprised of a group discussion followed by a presentation session. The goal of the workshop is to facilitate the cross-pollination of design ideas and critical assessments of AI approaches to VBL.

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