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Views of Indian Migrants on Adaptation of Child Oral Health Leaflets: A Qualitative Study Arora, Amit; Maharaj, Roneel; Naidu, Seemagni; Chimoriya, Ritesh; Bhole, Sameer; Nash, Simone; Jones, Charlotte


The aim of this study was to gain insight on the views of Hindi-speaking mothers on readily available English language oral health education materials and to evaluate the acceptability of Hindi language adapted versions of these materials. This qualitative study is nested within an ongoing multi-centre birth cohort study in Greater Western Sydney, Australia. Following purposive selection of Hindi-speaking mothers (n = 19), a semi-structured interview was conducted. Two English leaflets were mailed to participants prior to the interview. The simplified English and translated Hindi versions of the leaflets were provided at the interview, and the participants were asked to compare and evaluate all three versions. Interviews were audio recorded, and thematic analysis was used to analyse data from interview transcripts. A majority of the participants reported a certain degree of difficulty in reading and comprehending oral health messages in Hindi. Although Hindi translations were accurate, mothers preferred the simplified English as opposed to the Hindi version. Visual illustrations and a simple layout facilitated the understanding of oral health messages. Developers of oral health education leaflets should thoroughly research their prospective user groups, particularly migrant populations, and identify the need for simplified or translated oral health education leaflets.

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