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The Development of Solvent Cast Films or Electrospun Nanofiber Membranes Made from Blended Poly Vinyl Alcohol Materials with Different Degrees of Hydrolyzation for Optimal Hydrogel Dissolution and Sustained Release of Anti-Infective Silver Salts Jackson, John; Plackett, D. V. (David V.); Hsu, Eric; Lange, Dirk (Microbiologist); Evans, Robin; Burt, Helen Mary, 1954-


Introduction: We previously described the manufacture and characterization of hydrogel forming, thin film, anti-infective wound dressings made from Poly Vinyl Alcohol (PVA) and silver nanoparticles, crosslinked by heat. However, these films were designed to be inexpensive for simple manufacture locally in Africa. In this new study, we have further developed PVA dressings by manufacturing films or electrospun membranes, made from blends of PVA with different degrees of hydrolyzation, that contain silver salts and degrade in a controlled manner to release silver in a sustained manner over 12 days. Methods: Films were solvent cast as films or electrospun into nanofibre membranes using blends of 99 and 88% hydrolyzed PVA, containing 1% w/w silver sulphadiazine, carbonate, sulphate, or acetate salts. Dissolution was measured as weight loss in water and silver release was measured using inductively coupled plasma (ICP) analysis. Results: Cast films generally stayed intact at PVA 99: PVA 88% ratios greater than 40:60 whereas electrospun membranes needed ratios greater than 10:90. Films (40:60 blend ratio) and membranes (10:90) all released silver salts in a sustained fashion but incompletely and to different extents. Electrospun membranes gave more linear release patterns in the 2–12 day period and all salts released well. Conclusion: Blended PVA cast films offer improved control over hydrogel dissolution and silver release without the need for high temperature crosslinking. Blended PVA electrospun membranes further improve membrane dissolution control and silver release profiles. These blended PVA films and membranes offer improved inexpensive systems for the manufacture of long lasting anti-infective hydrogel wound dressings.

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