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A Camera Intrinsic Matrix-Free Calibration Method for Laser Triangulation Sensor Chen, Xuzhan; Chen, Youping; Chen, Bing; He, Zhuo; Ma, Yunxiu; Zhang, Dailin; Najjaran, Homayoun; Najjaran, Homayoun


Laser triangulation sensors (LTS) are widely used to acquire depth information in industrial applications. However, the parameters of the components, e.g., the camera, of the off-the-shelf LTS are typically unknown. This makes it difficult to recalibrate the degenerated LTS devices during regular maintenance operations. In this paper, a novel one-dimensional target-based camera intrinsic matrix-free LTS calibration method is proposed. In contrast to conventional methods that calibrate the LTS based on the precise camera intrinsic matrix, we formulate the LTS calibration as an optimization problem taking all parameters of the LTS into account, simultaneously. In this way, many pairs of the camera intrinsic matrix and the equation of the laser plane can be solved and different pairs of parameters are equivalent for displacement measurement. A closed-form solution of the position of the one-dimensional target is proposed to make the parameters of the LTS optimizable. The results of simulations and experiments show that the proposed method can calibrate the LTS without knowing the camera intrinsic matrix. In addition, the proposed approach significantly improves the displacement measurement precision of the LTS after calibration. In conclusion, the proposed method proved that the precise camera intrinsic matrix is not the necessary condition for LTS displacement measurement.

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