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Direct Synthesis of Oxynitride Nanowires through Atmospheric Pressure Chemical Vapor Deposition Adeli, Babak; Taghipour, Fariborz


Binary and ternary oxynitride solid alloys were studied extensively in the past decade due to their wide spectrum of applications, as well as their peculiar characteristics when compared to their bulk counterparts. Direct bottom-up synthesis of one-dimensional oxynitrides through solution-based routes cannot be realized because nitridation strategies are limited to high-temperature solid-state ammonolysis. Further, the facile fabrication of oxynitride thin films through vapor phase strategies has remained extremely challenging due to the low vapor pressure of gaseous building blocks at atmospheric pressure. Here, we present a direct and scalable catalytic vapor–liquid–solid epitaxy (VLSE) route for the fabrication of oxynitride solid solution nanowires from their oxide precursors through enhancing the local mass transfer flux of vapor deposition. For the model oxynitride material, we investigated the fabrication of gallium nitride and zinc oxide oxynitride solid solution (GaN:ZnO) thin film. GaN:ZnO nanowires were synthesized directly at atmospheric pressure, unlike the methods reported in the literature, which involved multiple-step processing and/or vacuum operating conditions. Moreover, the dimensions (i.e., diameters and length) of the synthesized nanowires were tailored within a wide range.

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