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Fifth-Generation (5G) mmWave Spatial Channel Characterization for Urban Environments’ System Analysis Azpilicueta, Leyre; Lopez-Iturri, Peio; Zuñiga-Mejia, Jaime; Celaya-Echarri, Mikel; Rodríguez-Corbo, Fidel Alejandro; Vargas-Rosales, Cesar; Aguirre, Erik; Michelson, David G.; Falcone, Francisco


In this work, the channel characterization in terms of large-scale propagation, small-scale propagation, statistical and interference analysis of Fifth-Generation (5G) Millimeter Wave (mmWave) bands for wireless networks for 28, 30 and 60 GHz is presented in both an outdoor urban complex scenario and an indoor scenario, in order to consider a multi-functional, large node-density 5G network operation. An in-house deterministic Three-Dimensional Ray-Launching (3D-RL) code has been used for that purpose, considering all the material properties of the obstacles within the scenario at the frequency under analysis, with the aid of purpose-specific implemented mmWave simulation modules. Different beamforming radiation patterns of the transmitter antenna have been considered, emulating a 5G system operation. Spatial interference analysis as well as time domain characteristics have been retrieved as a function of node location and configuration.

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