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Fatigue Behavior of 3D Braided Composites Containing an Open-Hole Liang, Shuangqiang; Zhou, Qihong; Mei, Haiyang; Chen, Ge; Ko, Frank K.


The static and dynamic mechanical performances of notched and un-notched 3D braided composites were studied. The effect of longitudinal laid-in yarn was investigated in comparison with low braiding angle composites. The specimens were fatigue tested for up to millions of cycles, and the residual strength of the samples that survived millions of cycles was tested. The cross-section of the 3D braided specimens was observed after fatigue loading. It was found that the static and fatigue properties of low angle 3D braided behaved better than longitudinally reinforced 3D braided composites. For failure behavior, pure braids contain damage better and show less damage area than the braids with longitudinal yarns under fatigue loading. More cracks occurred in the 3D braided specimen with axial yarn cross-section along the longitudinal and transverse direction.

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