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Investigation of Factors Associated with Spontaneous Preterm Birth in Pregnant Women Living with HIV Albert, Arianne; Elwood, Chelsea; Wagner, Emily C.; Pakzad, Zahra; Chaworth-Musters, Tessa; Berg, Kyra; Van Schalkwyk, Julie; Maan, Evelyn J.; Azampanah, Arezou; McClymont, Elisabeth; Alimenti, Ariane; Forbes, John C.; Money, Deborah M.


Objective: To investigate factors contributing to preterm birth (PTB), including cART use and clinical and social determinants of health, in women living with HIV (WLWH) from British Columbia, Canada. Design: Retrospective observational cohort. Methods: We investigated the effect of cART use and other clinical and demographic factors on spontaneous PTB (sPTB) rates (

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