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Best–Worst Method for Modelling Mobility Choice after COVID-19: Evidence from Italy Moslem, Sarbast; Campisi, Tiziana; Szmelter-Jarosz, Agnieszka; Duleba, Szabolcs; Nahiduzzaman, Kh Md; Tesoriere, Giovanni


All countries have suffered from the COVID-19 crisis; the pandemic has adversely impacted all sectors. In this study, we examine the transport sector with a specific focus on the problem of commuting mode choice and propose a new decision-making approach for the alternative modes after synthesizing expert opinions. As a methodology, a customized model of the recently developed best–worst method (BWM) is used to evaluate mobility choice alternatives. The survey reflects citizens’ opinions toward mobility choices in two Italian cities, Palermo and Catania, before and during the pandemic. BWM is a useful tool for examining mobility choice in big cities. The adopted model is easy to apply and capable of providing effective solutions for sustainable mode choice. The urban context is analyzed considering the importance of transport choices, evaluating the variation of resilience to the changing opinions of users.

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