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Application of decision tree-based techniques to veneer processing Ahmed, Suborna Shekhor; Cool, Julie; Karim, Mohammad Ehsanul


In veneer-drying facilities, controllers face many challenges to maintain desired parameters in the final product based on customer’s needs. The major challenge is setting process parameters to control the temperature and humidity within the various sections in the drying machine to obtain the desired properties of the final product. The regression tree approach can be used to simplify the complex relationship among process and product variables for identifying critical factors for drying veneer and achieving the desired range of veneer temperature. In this study, we investigated veneer-drying conditions and the short-term effect of climatic variables on veneer temperature. We have shown a three-step process to develop an optimal regression tree for veneer temperature. From the developed optimal tree, we are able to identify the most important threshold points of predictor space and adjustment for the climatic variables on the temperature of veneer sheets. The findings of this study were further investigated in an industrial setting and the desired veneer temperatures were attained for the final product. This application shows that we can follow the path of the optimal tree to pinpoint the most desired veneer temperature outcome. The developed optimal tree is relatively easy to use and interpret to estimate the average response of veneer temperature.

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