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Influence of Copper and Biopolymer/Saqez Resin on the Properties of Poplar Wood Dong, Huijun; Bahmani, Mohsen; Rahimi, Sohrab; Humar, Miha


There is an increasing trend in the use of environmentally-friendly materials in wood protection. This includes the use of less toxic active ingredients, as well as better fixation. This study investigates the formulation based on the combination of copper and Saqez resin on the physical and biological resistance properties of poplar wood. Samples were treated by either copper-ethanolamine (Cu/MEA) and/or Saqez resin at various treatment levels. A vacuum pressure procedure was applied. The retention, weight percent gain, water absorption, volumetric swelling, and decay resistance of the samples were then determined. The highest retention and weight percent gain were obtained in the samples treated with the combination of copper-based system and Saqez resin. Additionally, the combination of the copper and Saqez improved the physical properties and decay-resistance against white-rot fungus Trametes versicolor.

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