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Care transition from hospital to home: cancer patients’ perspective Lorenzini, Elisiane; Boell, Julia E W; Oelke, Nelly; Rodrigues, Caroline D; Trindade, Letícia F; Winter, Vanessa D B; Malkiewiez, Michelle M; Flôres, Gabriela C; Pluta, Pâmella; Kolankiewicz, Adriane C B


Objectives: The present database contains information on sociodemographic and clinical data as well as data from the Care Transition Measure (CTM 15-Brazil) of cancer patients undergoing clinical or surgical treatment. Data collection was carried out 7 to 30 days after patients’ hospital discharge from June to August 2019. Understanding these data can contribute to improving quality of care transitions and avoiding hospital readmissions. Data description: This data set encompasses 213 cancer patients characterized by the follow variables: gender, age range, place of residence, race, marital status, schooling, paid work activity, type of treatment, cancer staging, metastasis, comorbidities, main complaint, main complaint grouped as, continuing medication, diagnosis, diagnosis grouped as, cancer type, year of diagnosis, oncology treatment, first hospitalization, readmission in the last 30 days, number of hospitalizations in the last 30 days, readmission in the last 6 months, number of hospitalizations in the last 6 months, readmission in the last year, number of hospitalizations in the last year and the questions 1–15 from CTM 15-Brazil.

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