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Role of Somatostatin in the Regulation of Central and Peripheral Factors of Satiety and Obesity Kumar, Ujendra; Singh, Sneha


Obesity is one of the major social and health problems globally and often associated with various other pathological conditions. In addition to unregulated eating behaviour, circulating peptide-mediated hormonal secretion and signaling pathways play a critical role in food intake induced obesity. Amongst the many peptides involved in the regulation of food-seeking behaviour, somatostatin (SST) is the one which plays a determinant role in the complex process of appetite. SST is involved in the regulation of release and secretion of other peptides, neuronal integrity, and hormonal regulation. Based on past and recent studies, SST might serve as a bridge between central and peripheral tissues with a significant impact on obesity-associated with food intake behaviour and energy expenditure. Here, we present a comprehensive review describing the role of SST in the modulation of multiple central and peripheral signaling molecules. In addition, we highlight recent progress and contribution of SST and its receptors in food-seeking behaviour, obesity (orexigenic), and satiety (anorexigenic) associated pathways and mechanism.

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