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RNA modifications in brain tumorigenesis Huang, Albert Z.; Delaidelli, Alberto; Sorensen, Poul H.


RNA modifications are emerging as critical regulators in cancer biology, thanks to their ability to influence gene expression and the predominant protein isoforms expressed during cell proliferation, migration, and other pro-oncogenic properties. The reversibility and dynamic nature of post-transcriptional RNA modifications allow cells to quickly adapt to microenvironmental changes. Recent literature has revealed that the deregulation of RNA modifications can promote a plethora of developmental diseases, including tumorigenesis. In this review, we will focus on four key post-transcriptional RNA modifications which have been identified as contributors to the pathogenesis of brain tumors: m6A, alternative polyadenylation, alternative splicing and adenosine to inosine modifications. In addition to the role of RNA modifications in brain tumor progression, we will also discuss potential opportunities to target these processes to improve the dismal prognosis for brain tumors.

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