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Lessons Learned in Supporting Women with Prediabetes through Maintaining Diet and Exercise Behavior Changes Beyond a Diabetes Prevention Counselling Program Bean, Corliss; Dineen, Tineke; Jung, Mary E.


Interventions involving exercise and diet can reduce type 2 diabetes progression, yet they are often short-lived. Progressing toward self-managed maintenance is also challenging. If supports are in place to help individuals with behavior changes beyond immediate programming, individuals are more likely to maintain these changes. This is particularly the case for women, who often have struggle to maintain these changes and can benefit from social support. Small Steps for Big Changes is a 3-week counselling program housed within a local YMCA that aims to help people make exercise and diet changes. To understand how to best support women in maintaining these changes beyond program delivery, a knowledge-sharing event was held for 14 women who completed the intervention. The women engaged in one focus group to share challenges experienced in making diet and exercise changes and recommendations for continued support. Data were analyzed using a thematic analysis and three recommendation areas were identified: (a) establishing peer support networks, (b) creating platforms to communicate prediabetes-related information, and (c) providing ongoing trainer support. Several recommendations have been implemented to support these women, and other individuals, post program. This case provides insights and recommendations for integration of initiatives beyond delivery a behavior change program housed in a community organization.

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