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Guide des pratiques exemplaires sur les métadonnées de Dataverse Nord : Version 2.0 Bascik, Teresa; Boisvert, Philippe; Cooper, Alexandra; Gagnon, Martine; Goodwin, Mark; Huck, John; Leahey, Amber; Steeleworthy, Michael; Taylor, Sally


This best practices guide is intended for anyone who is depositing data in a Dataverse repository and needs to create metadata. It provides official definitions of metadata fields; adds clarifications and tips where needed; distinguishes between required, recommended and optional fields; and illustrates the use of each field with an example. Earlier versions of the guide covered the fields in the Citation Metadata block. This version adds coverage for the Geospatial Metadata and Social Sciences and Humanities Metadata blocks. Future editions will add guidance for the Life Sciences Metadata and Astronomy & Astrophysics Metadata blocks. Ce guide est produit par le sous groupe sur les métadonnées du groupe de travail Dataverse Nord avec la permission de Harvard University pour l’utilisation des définitions et de la Texas Digital Library pour le graphisme. The guide is also available in English.

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Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International