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eHealth Supported Decentralized Multi-Disciplinary Care for Gout Involving Rheumatology, Pharmacy, and Dietetics : Proof-of-concept Study Howren, Alyssa; Tsao, Nicole W.; Choi, Hyon K.; Shojania, Kam; Kydd, Alison; Friesen, Russell; Aviña-Zubieta, Juan Antonio; De Vera, Mary


Objective: To conduct quantitative and qualitative evaluation of an electronic health (eHealth)-supported decentralized multi-disciplinary care model for gout involving rheumatologists, pharmacist, and dietitian. Methods: We conducted a 12-month proof-of-concept study. Gout patients with ≥1 flare in the past year and serum urate (SUA) ≥360 μmol/L within the previous 2 months were followed by participating community rheumatologists on an as needed-basis, received monthly telephone consults with a pharmacist, and one telephone consult with a dietitian. Health care professionals were not co-located but had shared access to the rheumatologists’ electronic medical records (EMR) for remote communication and collaboration. In quantitative evaluation, the primary outcome was the proportion of patients with SUA

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