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Hard Working Students Report of 2018 and 2019 Survey Findings Taylor, Alison, 1959-; Raykov, Milosh; Sweet, Robert


Balancing part-time work while studying full-time at university has become increasingly common in Canada. While there is research into the effects of students’ term-time work on their persistence and grades, there is little Canadian research that examines other aspects of working students’ lives. This report addresses this gap by presenting findings from two online surveys of undergraduate students at the University of British Columbia about their term-time work in 2018 and 2019. Since this is the first stage of a mixed-methodology study, impressions from our initial qualitative data collection (in process) have been included as a starting point for further conversation between qualitative and quantitative results. The findings of this study construct a profile of ‘the working student’, including their motivations for working, the intensity of that work, and self-perceived working conditions. Since work-integrated learning (WIL) aims to develop students’ professional skills through meaningful employment related to studies, we also compare WIL with other forms of student work.

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