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Fostering implementation of knowledge into health practice: study protocol for the validation and redevelopment of the Knowledge Uptake and Utilization Tool Shankar, Sneha; Skinner, Kelly; Morton Ninomiya, Melody E.; Bhawra, Jasmin


Background: Measurement of what knowledge is taken-up and how that information is used to inform practice and policies can provide an understanding about the effectiveness of knowledge uptake and utilization processes. In 2007, the Knowledge Uptake and Utilization Tool (KUUT) was developed to evaluate the implementation of knowledge into practice. The KUUT has been used by numerous large health organizations despite limited validity evidence and a narrow understanding about how the tool is used in practice and interpreted by users. As such, the overall purpose of this protocol is to redevelop the KUUT and gather validity evidence to examine and support its use in various health-related organizations. This protocol paper outlines a validation and redevelopment procedure for the KUUT using the unitary view of validity. Methods: The protocol outlined in this article proceeds through four phases, starting with redeveloping the tool, then evaluating validity evidence based on: test content, response processes and internal structure. The initial phase gathers information to redevelop the tool, and evaluates item content and response format. The second phase evaluates response process validity evidence by examining how a variety of users interact with the tool. In the third phase, the tool will be pilot tested with knowledge users and, in the final phase, psychometric properties of the tool will be examined and a final scoring structure will be determined. A knowledge translation plan described herein outlines where the final tool will be housed and how the information about the tool will be disseminated. Discussion: This protocol outlines a procedure to gather different sources of validity evidence for the KUUT. By addressing limitations in the original KUUT, such as complexities with scoring, a redeveloped KUUT supporting validity evidence will enhance the ability of health-related organizations to effectively use this tool for its intended purpose.

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