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Our Multilingual Village Symposium and Storybooks Canada Public Launch November 2, 2018 Afreen, Asma; Norton, Bonny; Jamieson, Janet


The symposium on “Our multilingual village: Supporting refugee children and families in BC” and the public launch of Storybooks Canada (storybookscanada.ca) were held on November 2, 2018, at the University of British Columbia (UBC), Vancouver, Canada. The event was organized by Dr. Janet Jamieson (EPSE & CECER) and Dr. Bonny Norton (LLED).This event gathered an interdisciplinary group of professionals, including academics, researchers, administrators, practitioners, and policy-makers working to support refugee and immigrant children and families in BC. This report summarizes and documents the important conversations of the refugee symposium (35 participants) and the public launch (over 100 participants) to promote ongoing discussion and connection. It is hoped that this report will be useful for scholars, educators, students, researchers, and policymakers interested in supporting immigrant and refugee children and families. Ms. Asma Afreen, a PhD student in LLED, participated in the event and played a central role in writing the report. Sponsors included the UBC Language Sciences, the Centre for Early Childhood Education and Research (CECER), a UBC Community University Engagement Support (CUES) grant, and the UBC Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies.

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