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The Role of Neighborhood Physical Environment on Mobility and Social Participation among People using Mobility Assistive Technology Bigonnesse, C.; Mahmood, A.; Chaudhury, Habib; Mortenson, W. Ben; Miller, William C.; Martin Ginis, Kathleen A. (Kathleen Anne), 1968-


This paper presents a systematic literature review on the impact of the neighborhood physical environment on mobility and social participation among people using mobility assistive technology (MAT). Peer-reviewed articles from eight databases published in French or English from 1990 to 2016 were searched. Thirty studies were included in this review. Factors related to neighborhood environmental features, mobility in transit, and accessibility of homes and public buildings influenced mobility and social participation of MAT users. The majority of reviewed studies combined different types of MAT, which made the interpretation of the results challenging. Few studies included walker, cane, and crutch users. Definitions of mobility and social participation lacked consistency and were often simplistic. Future empirical research needs to examine the impact of neighborhood physical environment factors separately for different MAT users. Causality and links between mobility and social participation of different MAT users at the neighborhood level should be further explored.

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