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Interrater and Intrarater Reliability of the Wheelchair Skills Test Version 4.2 for Power Wheelchair Users Smith, Emma Maria; Low, Kimberly G.; Miller, William C.


Purpose: To estimate the interrater and intrarater reliability of the Wheelchair Skills Test Version 4.2 for powered wheelchairs operated by adult users. Materials and Methods: Cohort study with a convenience sample of occupational therapists (n = 10). For the main outcome measure, participants viewed and scored eight videos of adult power wheelchair users completing the 30 skills of the Wheelchair Skills Test Version 4.2 on two occasions, a minimum of two weeks apart. Using these scores, we calculated intraclass correlation coefficients to estimate interrater and intrarater reliability. Results: The interrater reliability intraclass correlation coefficient was 0.940 (95%CI0.862-.985). Intrarater reliability intraclass correlation coefficients ranged from 0.923-0.998. Conclusions: The Wheelchair Skills Test Version 4.2 has excellent interrater and intrarater reliability and is a reliable tool for use in clinical and research practice to evaluate a power wheelchair user’s skill capacity.

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