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Intelligent Sensing Using Multiple Sensors for Material Characterization Albishi, Ali M.; Mirjahanmardi, Seyed H.; Ali, Abdulbaset M.; Nayyeri, Vahid; Wasly, Saud M.; Ramahi, Omar M.


This paper presents a concept of an intelligent sensing technique based on modulating the frequency responses of microwave near-field sensors to characterize material parameters. The concept is based on the assumption that the physical parameters being extracted such as fluid concentration are constant over the range of frequency of the sensor. The modulation of the frequency response is based on the interactions between the material under test and multiple sensors. The concept is based on observing the responses of the sensors over a frequency wideband as vectors of many dimensions. The dimensions are then considered as the features for a neural network. With small datasets, the neural networks can produce highly accurate and generalized models. The concept is demonstrated by designing a microwave sensing system based on a two-port microstrip line exciting three-identical planar resonators. For experimental validation, the sensor is used to detect the concentration of a fluid material composed of two pure fluids. Very high accuracy is achieved.

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