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Pipeline Leak Detection and Location Based on Model-Free Isolation of Abnormal Acoustic Signals Wang, Fang; Lin, Weiguo; Liu, Zheng (Professor of engineering); Qiu, Xianbo


Pipeline leaks will lead to energy waste, environmental pollution and a threat to human safety. This paper proposes a pipeline leak detection and location method based on the model-free isolation of abnormal (leak and operation) signals. An acoustic signal is first decomposed into “sub-signals” according to its zero-crossing points. Then, based on the definition of signal-to-noise ratio (SNR), the function between the SNR of sub-signal and the number of abnormal sub-signals is established, following which the position of each abnormal sub-signal in the acoustic signal is obtained by tracing its index. Based on this and the cross-correlation analysis, the operation sub-signals can be filtered, which is helpful for the precise leak location. The experimental results demonstrate the computational efficiency and lower false/missing alarm rate of the proposed method that provides an innovative solution for pipeline leak detection.

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