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Integrated Full-Frequency Impedance Modeling and Stability Analysis of the Train-Network Power Supply System for High-Speed Railways Zhang, Xinyu; Wang, Lei; Dunford, William; Chen, Jie; Liu, Zhigang


To investigate the harmonic resonance, harmonic instability and low-frequency oscillation phenomena in high-speed railways, this paper proposes a full-frequency impedance model of the train-traction network system (simplified as ‘train-network’) based on d-q coordinates system. Compared with traditional models which deal with only the grid-side converter, the proposed model also includes its load models—the inverter and the traction motor. It also reflects complete control scheme of grid-side converter, which makes it easier to analyze unstable phenomena mentioned above. Moreover, this paper improves the impedance modeling of the network by taking the network impedance and admittance into detailed consideration. In addition, based on the proposed train-network model, the 3D figure and zero-pole diagram are also presented for the analysis of the stability of the integral system. Simulation and experiment results verify the accuracy of the model.

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