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Evaluation of A Concentrated Preterm Formula as a Liquid Human Milk Fortifier in Preterm Babies at Increased Risk of Feed Intolerance Pillai, Anish; Albersheim, Susan; Matheson, Julie; Lalari, Vikki; Wei, Sylvia; Innis, Sheila M; Elango, Rajavel


There are concerns around safety and tolerance of powder human milk fortifiers to optimize nutrition in preterm infants. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the tolerance and safety of a concentrated preterm formula (CPF) as a liquid human milk fortifier (HMF) for premature infants at increased risk of feeding intolerance. We prospectively enrolled preterm infants over an 18-month period, for whom a clinical decision had been made to add CPF to human milk due to concerns regarding tolerance of powder HMF. Data on feed tolerance, anthropometry, and serum biochemistry values were recorded. Serious adverse events, such as mortality, necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC), and sepsis, were monitored. A total of 29 babies received CPF fortified milk during the study period. The most common indication for starting CPF was previous intolerance to powder HMF. Feeding intolerance was noted in 4 infants on CPF. The growth velocity of infants was satisfactory (15.9 g/kg/day) after addition of CPF to feeds. The use of CPF as a fortifier in preterm babies considered at increased risk for feed intolerance seems well tolerated and facilitates adequate growth. Under close nutrition monitoring, this provides an additional option for human milk fortification in this challenging subgroup of preterm babies, especially in settings with limited human milk fortifier options.

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