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Spatial and Temporal Variations of Six Criteria Air Pollutants in Fujian Province, China Fu, Weicong; Chen, Ziru; Zhu, Zhipeng; Liu, Qunyue; Van den Bosch, Cecil C. Konijnendijk; Qi, Jinda; Wang, Mo; Dang, Emily; Dong, Jianwen


Air pollution has become a critical issue in the urban areas of southeastern China in recent years. A complete understanding of the tempo-spatial characteristics of air pollution can help the public and governmental bodies manage their lives and work better. In this study, data for six criteria air pollutants (including particulate matter (PM₂.₅, PM₁₀), carbon monoxide (CO), sulfur dioxide (SO₂), nitrogen dioxide (NO₂) and ozone (O₃)) from 37 sites in nine major cities within Fujian Province, China were collected between January 2015 to December 2016, and analyzed. We analyzed the spatial and temporal variations of these six criteria pollutants, as well as the attainment rates, and identified what were the major pollutants. Our results show that: (1) the two-year mean values of PM₂.₅ and PM₁₀ exceeded the Chinese National Ambient Air Quality Standard (CAAQS) standard I levels, whereas other air pollutants were below the CAAQS standard I; (2) the six criteria air pollutants show spatial variations (i.e. most air pollutants were higher in the city center areas, followed by suburban areas and exurban areas, except for O₃; and the concentrations of PM₁₀, PM₂.₅, NO₂, O₃ were higher in coastal cities than in inland cities); (3) seasonal variations and the no attainment rates of air pollutants were found to be higher in cold seasons and lower in warm seasons, except for O₃; (4) the most frequently present air pollutant was PM₁₀, with PM₂.₅ and O₃ being the second and third most frequent, respectively; (5) all the air pollutants, except O₃, showed positive correlations with each other. These results provide additional information for the effective control of air pollution in the province of Fujian.

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