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Solid Target System with In-Situ Target Dissolution Gelbart, William Z.; Johnson, Richard R.


A significant number of medical radioisotopes use solid, often metallic, parent materials. These materials are deposited on a substrate to facilitate the cooling and handling of the target during placing, irradiation, and processing. The processing requires the transfer of the target to a processing area outside the irradiation area. In this new approach the target is processed at the irradiation site for liquid only transport of the irradiated target material to the processing area. The design features common to higher energy production target systems are included in the target station. The target is inclined at 14 degrees to the beam direction. The system has been designed to accept an incident beam of 15 to 16 mm diameter and a beam power between 2 and 5 kW. Thermal modeling is presented for targets of metals and compounds. A cassette of five or 10 prepared targets is housed at the target station as well as a target dissolution assembly. Only the dissolved target material is transported to the chemistry laboratory so that the design does not require additional irradiation area penetrations. This work presents the design, construction, and modeling details of the assembly. A full performance characterization will be reported after the unit is moved to a cyclotron facility for beam related measurements.

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