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Liquid-Phase Hydrogenation of Maleic Acid over Pd/Al₂O₃ Catalysts Prepared via Deposition–Precipitation Method Byun, Mi Yeon; Kim, Ji Sun; Baek, Jae Ho; Park, Dae-Won; Lee, Man Sig


Succinic acid (SA) is a valuable raw material obtained by hydrogenation of maleic acid (MA). The product selectivity of this reaction is highly dependent on the reaction conditions. This study therefore investigated the effect of the reaction temperature, hydrogen pressure, and reaction time on the liquid-phase hydrogenation of MA by a Pd/Al₂O₃ catalyst. Complete conversion of MA and 100% selectivity for SA were achieved at a temperature of 90 °C, H₂ pressure of 5 bar, and reaction time of 90 min. Fumaric acid (FA) was formed as an intermediate material by hydrogenation of MA under nonoptimal conditions. The impact of the percentage of Pd dispersion and phase of the Al₂O₃ support (γ, θ + α, and α) was also examined. The Pd/Al₂O₃ catalyst with 29.8% dispersion of Pd and γ phase of Al₂O₃ exhibited the best catalytic performance. Thus, catalytic activity depends not only on the amount of Pd dispersion but also on the physicochemical properties of Al₂O₃.

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