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Case reports: novel TUBG1 mutations with milder neurodevelopmental presentations Yuen, Yue T K; Guella, Ilaria; Roland, Elke; Sargent, Michael; Boelman, Cyrus


Background: Tubulinopathies result from mutations in tubulin genes, including TUBG1, responsible for cell microtubules, are characterized by brain development abnormalities, microcephaly, early-onset epilepsy, and motor impairment. Only eleven patients with TUBG1 mutations have been previously described in literature to our knowledge. Here we present two new patients with novel de novo TUBG1 mutations and review other cases in the literature. Case presentations: Both patients have microcephaly and intellectual disability. Patient B further fits a more typical presentation, with well-controlled epilepsy and mild hypertonia, whereas Patient A’s presentation is much milder without these other features. Conclusion: This report expands the spectrum of TUBG1 mutation manifestations, suggesting the possibility of less severe phenotypes for patients and families, and influencing genetic counselling strategies.

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