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Video-Based Consensus Annotations for Learning : A Feasibility Study Dodson, Samuel; Freund, Luanne; Yoon, Dongwook; Fong, Matthew; Kopak, Rick; Fels, Sidney


Video-based learning is increasingly common in higher education; however, the video players available make limited use of logged interaction data to support and guide students’ viewing. In this work in progress, we explore the feasibility of aggregating students’ annotations of videos (e.g., highlights, notes, and tags) to identify “hot spots,” which can signal areas of interest to subsequent learners. We conducted a deployment study with 315 undergraduate students using ViDeX, a video player designed for active viewing. We logged students’ use of ViDeX for four months, and then aggregated and graphed their annotations across 13 instructional videos. Our results show that consensus annotations—the video content that has received attention from many students—may be a feasible, data-driven way to flag information for use by subsequent learners.

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