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The efficacy of genetic counseling for psychiatric disorders : a meta-analysis Moldovan, Ramona; Pintea, Sebastian; Austin, Jehannine


Psychiatric illnesses are complex, highly heritable disorders that have substantial implications for both affected individuals and their families. Though genetic testing is currently limited in its clinical usefulness in this area, interest in genetic counseling for psychiatric disorders has a relatively long history and many positive outcomes have been posited. Yet, empirical studies of genetic counseling outcomes have been emerging only more recently. The aim of the current meta-analysis was to analyze the efficacy of genetic counseling and explore potential moderators of its effect. An extensive electronic search was conducted investigating the literature published until July 2016. The initial search resulted in 2367 articles, four of which met the inclusion criteria and were included in the quantitative meta-analysis. Effect size parameters and sample sizes for all variables in each study were included. The efficacy has ben demonstrated both at postintervention and at follow up, with an overall statistically significant effect size of moderate intensity. Implications of this study are discussed in detail.

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