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The Effects of Three Worksite Wellness Interventions to Promote Fruit and Vegetable Consumption and Weight Loss Gotay, Carolyn C., 1951-; Monro, Melody; Shen, Hui; Amick, Benjamin C.; Bottorff, J. L.; Corbett, Kitty K.; MacPhail, Sue; Storoschuk, Sharon


Objective: This study investigated the impact of three different worksite approaches to healthy behavior change: a personalized individual intervention; a comprehensive program using environmental and social support; and both approaches combined. Methods: 680 individuals at three educational institutions participated in a year-long intervention. The primary outcome was change in fruit and vegetable intake from baseline to four months post-intervention completion tested by linear mixed effect (LME) models. Results: Significant increases in fruit and vegetable consumption were seen in the individual and combined conditions, with the greatest increase in the individual condition. Conclusions: The superiority of the individual intervention implies that for well-defined and concrete outcomes, a clear, consistent, and frequently repeated message has the most impact.

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