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Understanding factors influencing the detection of mercury policies in modelled Laurentian Great Lakes wet deposition Giang, Amanda; Song, Shaojie; Muntean, Marilena; Janssens-Maenhout, Greet; Harvey, Abigail; Berg, Elizabeth; Selina, Noelle E.


We use chemical transport modelling to better understand the extent to which policy-related anthropogenic mercury emissions changes (a policy signal) can be statistically detected in wet deposition measurements in the Great Lakes region on the subdecadal scale, given sources of noise. In our modelling experiment, we consider hypothetical regional (North American) and global (rest of the world) policy changes, consistent with existing policy efforts (Δglobal = -18%; (Δregional = -30%) that divide an eight-year period. The magnitude of statistically significant (p

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